The Alchemy of Grief
Emily Ferrara

Bordighera Press, 2007
Winner of 2006 Bordighera Prize

Beirut Again
Allen C. West

Off the Grid Press, 2010

Bird in the Hand
Paul Hostovsky

Grayson Books, 2006
Winner of the Grayson Books
2006 Poetry Chapbook Competition

Gwendolyn Jensen
Birch Book Press, 2011

Body Language: 
Poems of the Medical Training Experience

Neeta Jain, Dagan Coppock
& Stephanie Brown Clark, Eds.

BOA Anthology Series No. 2, BOA Editions, Ltd., 2006

leaning the Attic
Kenneth Lee
Finishing Line Press, 2010



Cocktail Shaker
Lee Firestone Dunne
Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press, 2009
Finalist:  Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press Poetry Award 2008



The Curiosities
Brittany Perham
Free Verse Editions, Parlor Press, 2011

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Suellen Wedmore
Grayson Books, 2007
Winner of the Grayson Books 2007 Poetry Chapbook Competition


Distant Early Warning
Rad Smith
The Mira Press, 2004



Don't Look Them in the Eye:  Love, Life, and Jim Crow
Margot Wizansky
Shell Beach Press, 2009


Dusk Outside the Braille Press
Paul Hostovsky
Riverstone, 2006
Winner of the 2006 Riverstone Poetry Chapbook Competition


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Five Islands
Anne Fowler
Pudding House Press, 2002


Sondra Upham
Slapering Hol Press, 2000
Winner of the 2000 Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Competition


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Guenever Speaks
Wendy Mnookin
Round Table Publications, 1991


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Home Truths
Jonathan L. Roses
Pudding House Chapbook Series, Pudding House Publications, 2010

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Maybe Grace
Judith Page
Sandstone Publsihing Poetry Book Series, 1994
Winner of the 1993 Sandstone Poetry Book Contest


Memories & Milestones
Irwin E. Thompson
Acanthus Publishing, 2007



Mercy of Tides:  Poems for a Beach House
Margot Wizansky, Ed.
Salt Marsh Poetry Press, 2003



The Moon Makes Its Own Plea
Wendy Mnookin
BOA Editions, 2008



My Own Hundred Doors
Pam Bernard
Bright Hill PRess, 1996
Winner of the 1996 Bright Hill PRess Poetry Book Award


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Night Call
Steven Luria Ablon
Plain View Press, 2011


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Original Human
Deborah DeNicola
Word Press, 2010


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Please, Call Me Moby
Matt Sisson
Pecan Gove Press, forthcoming 2012


The Possibility of Scorpions
Connemara Wadsworth
White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2010
Winner of the White Eagle Coffee Store Press Fall 2009 Poetry Chapbook Contest


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Romance with Small-Time Crooks
Alexis Ivy
BlazeVOX Books, 2013


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A Season for Flying
Marcia Littlehales Doehner
Imagesetter, 1991

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Theories of Rain
Lynn Pedersen
Main Street Rag Editor's Choice Chapbook Series, Main Street Rag Publishing, 2009


To Get Here
Wendy Mnookin
BOA Editions, 1999



Trying to Understand the Lunar Eclipse
Carol Dine
Erie Street PRess, 1992


Two-Star General
Grey Held
Brick Road Poetry Press, 2012


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Unlikely Angel:  Memoir of a Long Marriage
Carole Wood Hardy
Watermargin Press, 2002

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Western Motel
Wendy Drexler
WordTech Communications, 2012



What He Took
Wendy Mnookin
BOA Editions, 2002



Where Divinity Begins
Deborah DeNicola
Alice James Books, 1994



Wrestling Angels:  Poetic Monologues
Freddy Frankel
Ibbetson Street Press, 2011


“She believes passionately that each student, albeit adult or child, has a dynamic creative potential and she truly enjoys discovering and revealing this ability.”
— Martha M. Wright, Department of Education, Museum of Fine Arts